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Short-Term Rehabilitation Care

Masonic Village at Burlington

Short-Term Rehabilitation Care

After a hospital stay, you can depend on our specialized Short-Term Rehabilitation staff to accelerate your recovery and ease your transition back home.  We provide post-surgery orthopedic care, pain management, stroke rehabilitation, wound care, fall management, and more.  Our Short-Term Rehabilitation Care services include Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Clinical Therapy.  Our experienced staff takes a team approach to your care, and working together will help you achieve your goals and resume your day-to-day activities as quickly as possible.

Defining Differences

  • Individualized plans of care with physician oversight
  • High patient satisfaction
  • Low hospital readmission rates
  • Shorter length of stay
  • Increased mobility upon discharge
  • Evidence-based functional outcomes


  • Three delicious meals each day that address any dietary restrictions
  • State-of-the-art physical therapy gym
  • Daily bed-making, weekly housekeeping, and personal laundry service
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Consistent Quality Therapies

Residents in our Short-Term Rehabilitation programs typically receive an hour of therapy per day, 5-7 days per week, though they can receive up to three hours per day depending on doctor recommendation.  Physical Therapy is available for those recovering from injury or illness, surgery, chronic pain, and more.  Occupational Therapy seeks to improve a resident’s quality of life by improving daily activity while facing memory loss, cognitive disorders, developmental disabilities, and more.  Speech Therapy assists with communication, language skills, and swallowing/eating ability. Clinical Therapy services help residents with mental health challenges and emotional and behavioral difficulties. 

Highly Trained Medical Staff

Our experienced Short-Term Rehabilitation staff includes physicians, a physiatrist, nurse practitioners, nurses, therapists, dietitians, social workers, and activity coordinators.  Often those in rehabilitation need a specific diet while undergoing treatment.  Our dietary kitchens accommodate all needs including vegan diets, gluten-free, and mechanical soft diets.


Doctors come on-site for both regular and specialty treatment, and are here throughout the week, though their office hours are not set.  Our Medical Director and providers can be reached 24/7 for emergent issues. Our Nursing staff is available 24/7 for any urgent needs, daily medical care, and to ensure patient safety.  Our healthcare staff are trained as Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), and are able to take vital signs, provide baths and grooming, assist with mobility, and more.

Flexible Scheduling and Treatment

The length of care and the amount of therapy received is based on your initial needs.  Your progress is monitored throughout treatment, and there are always options available if you need more or less rehabilitation that originally planned.  If the physicians determine that you could benefit from extending your therapy and treatment beyond what your insurance or Medicare will pay for, you can choose to pay privately.  We’re here to work with you to find the best course of action to help you achieve the best health possible.

Easy Transportation Options

We can assist you in obtaining transportation to and from outside doctor’s appointments.  Rehabilitation residents are also free to leave the campus for visits with their families as long as they maintain their therapy appointments and overnight stays as required by insurance.

The Finances of Short-Term Rehabilitation

Short-Term Rehabilitation services are billed through Medicare, which will pay for the first 20 qualifying days, followed by 80% coverage of costs with a 20% copay, either from supplemental insurance or out-of-pocket.  The hours of therapy scheduled will be based on your physical needs as well as what Medicare approves.

Direct Admissions Welcome

Anyone can be admitted to our Short-Term Rehabilitation Care.  You do not need to be a current resident at Masonic Village at Burlington. Masonic affiliation is not required.

Rehabilitation Success Stories

“The therapists who helped me here were the best!” – Carol
Carol is a 90-year-old Independent Living resident who recently experienced a fall resulting in a pelvis fracture and other medical complications, which sent her to the hospital. 
Through therapy and motivation, John is once again living independently.
At 97 years old, John lived at home with family and could walk and care for his needs without difficulty until he fell and injured his right shoulder.
“My therapists helped me to become independent again, and I thank god for that!”– Carolina
Carolina is an active 82-year-old Independent Living resident. Her journey to her new home started when she was hospitalized after suffering a stroke.
staff helping a patient with a walker
Joe has made remarkable progress within the care of Masonic Village at Burlington.
Joe is an 88-year-old man previously admitted to our rehabilitation center with a medical condition who then developed Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare disorder in which your body’s immune system attacks your nerves.
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