Respite Care Facilities

in Burlington, New Jersey

Receive personal assistance while you enjoy the people and things you love most. Masonic Village at Burlington staff assist you with personal hygiene, medications and other daily activities, while you explore your interests, learn something new or spend time with family and friends.

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We know that choosing a facility for respite care is an important decision. You can call our team directly at (609) 239-3900 or fill out the form below.

If you’ve taken on the responsibility of caring for a loved one who can no longer completely care for themselves, the toll that responsibility takes can be extensive and exhausting. Sometimes even caregivers themselves need a break to care for themselves. The Masonic Village at Burlington offers respite care, so that you can take some time for yourself and still ensure that your family member is being treated and cared for.


Flexible Scheduling for Respite Care

We offer different lengths of stay for respite care residents. Typically, this is a minimum of one week, and can be for as long as you need. We usually require 48 hours notice for any respite care admissions, as paperwork will need to be gathered and living accommodations and medical care will need to be arranged. Respite care residents are provided the same services as residents in our assisted living and long-term care programs.

This means that your loved one will receive a private living space, which includes all services and accommodations. We provide extensive assistance in day-to-day tasks for residents, such as laundry, housekeeping, maintenance, yard work, trash removal, etc. All meals are taken care of, so residents don’t have to worry about cooking, prepared by highly-trained and talented chefs. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated as well.


Engaging Amenities and Activities

In addition to basic, everyday services that we provide, residents also have access to all of our social activities and amenities. Our grounds boast 450 acres of green space, including walking path and gardens (we even offer gardening as an activity!) to allow for fresh air, sunshine, and relaxation. With a wellness center and personal trainers, residents can stay active and healthy. There are plenty of clubs and group activities on-site, ranging from book clubs to bingo nights to bible study, game nights, movies and entertainment, cooking classes, trivia and puzzles, arts and crafts, etc.


Highly Trained Respite Staff

Our staff are all trained as either Certified Nursing Assistants or Licensed Home Health Aides, and are able to assist with all facets of daily life, from grooming and personal hygiene to mobility assistance. There are doctors available on-site daily, though they do not keep regular office hours. If a resident already has regular doctor or therapy appointments, transportation to those appointments is provided by our facility. We have a pharmacy on-site as well to fill prescriptions if or when it’s needed.


We Work With Your Financial Situation

If a respite care resident suffers a medical condition or incident during their stay, there is the option to extend care and move to long-term skilled nursing care, rehabilitation, or assisted living. Although we are a Medicare/Medicaid certified facility, neither of those programs generally covers the costs associated with respite care. One exception to this is for respite care patients who also qualify for hospice care under Medicare, and is for those who are extremely ill. This also comes with a 5-day stay limitation. Medicaid recipients may be eligible for a waiver to cover their respite care costs, but again, with specific qualifications.

Typically, private insurance does not cover respite care costs either, although some long-term care plans may cover part of or all of those costs; be sure to check with your specific insurance provider for detailed information on what is or isn’t covered by your plan.


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