Memory Care and Support Facilities

in Burlington, New Jersey

Receive personal assistance while you enjoy the people and things you love most. Masonic Village at Burlington staff assist you with personal hygiene, medications and other daily activities, while you explore your interests, learn something new or spend time with family and friends.

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When a loved one begins to experience memory deterioration, usually short-term memory loss, it can be difficult and painful for you and your family to deal with. While some choose to undertake the task of caring for a family member who is suffering from memory loss, it can be incredibly challenging and taxing, and sometimes, a memory care facility is the better option, for both you and your loved one.


Highly Trained Memory Care Staff

Our memory care staff are highly trained. While all of our staff are either Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) or Licenced Home Health Aids (HHAs), all of them receive additional extensive training through our facility, including training in Alzheimer’s and dementia care. Staff continues their training and education throughout their employment, to ensure that the very best care is provided. This ongoing training allows our staff to fully understand memory support services, behaviors, and care. Care programs vary depending on the needs of the resident. We offer a private duty program at an additional cost, for residents who want more personalized care or who may need more intensive care.


State of the Art Memory Facilities

The Masonic Village at Burlington recently went under significant construction to renovate and add additional memory care services in our facilities. We strive to adapt to the changing needs of our residents; included in our renovations, we increased support services for those with dementia by adding a 20-suite secured neighborhood to our private living area, as part of our secured memory care neighborhoods. We have also added a memory garden, which is a secure area as well. Resident safety is our first priority, and we want our memory support residents to feel as comfortable as they would at home without the risks of being on their own. The Masonic Village at Burlington is a restraint-free facility.


Engaging and Exciting Amenities

We offer an enormous amount of amenities and activities for residents, including extensive grounds and walking trails as well as group and guided activities. Programs and activities for memory support residents are designed to fit with the resident’s specific needs, as well as with how far their memory loss has progressed. The Masonic Village at Burlington is also certified as a Music & Memory organization. This program specifically addresses memory loss, and how residents in our memory support program respond to music. It has allowed for better training and care from the staff as well as the ability to integrate music into the daily lives of our residents.


Flexible Payment and Insurance Options

All services are included in our costs, which include meals provided for residents, as well as yard work, maintenance, housekeeping, laundry, etc. Having all of these services provided allows residents to have as much worry-free time in their day is possible, without having to take on additional tasks that may be tedious or strenuous. We are a Medicare/Medicaid certified facility, however, each program covers different treatments and costs, so it is important to know what you will be paying for through private insurance or out of pocket. With Medicaid, coverage for memory support treatment varies by state, and it may only cover the cost of treatments and not the costs of living on-site, also depending on which state you are in. Medicare may cover some costs of memory support treatment.


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